How Has The Relationship Between China And North Korea Developed?

The dynamics of the international relations between two nations can change within a matter of seconds. All it takes is a statement or a minor attack to trigger a war amongst the countries. The same has been witnessed in the past as a mere shooting triggered the First World War. However, despite the several changes in the international relations between various countries, the dynamics between North Korea and China have remained constant. Here are a few facts on how it all started and what has changed over the years.

How it all began?

 The main trigger of this relationship was the Korean War that took place in 1950 between North Korea and South Korea. It was during this time that China offered to back up North Korea by offering aid in the form of volunteers to fight against the South Korean allies that comprised of the United States along with the United Nations. This was how the initial China US North Korea relations began that continue to date till this day.

The relationship between the two nations continued

 Post the war, China offered tremendous support by taking in North Korean refugees and offering economic aid too. Following this, a treaty was signed between the two nations in 1961, as there seemed to be a possibility of another attack by South Korea. This treaty confirmed that China would continue to support and offer military support to North Korea in case of an attack from another country. In addition, a promise of offering economic support along with other cultural benefits was made. Ever since, the relationship between the two nations has continued for over 65 years.

Problems started appearing between the nations

 Despite the harmonious relations between the two countries, a few minor incidents did occur that contributed to the deterioration of the same. The cracks started appearing when a Chines boat was seized off the shores of a North Korean state. However, the main cause of the rift began due to North Korea’s support towards the use of Nuclear weapons that was condemned by China. In addition, the China United states relations also emphasizes on the strained relationship between the United States and North Korea that has led to the increase in tensions between China and North Korea.

Despite the constant cordial relationship between North Korea and China, the current dynamics seem to indicate that all is not well between the two countries. There have been reports of an increase in tension in this relationship due to the intervention of the United States. However, only time will tell how this relationship develops.